Brent Knapp, PLS
Professional Land Surveyor
Oregon No.  81116PLS 

Brent  is a registered Professional Land Surveyor  and is project manager for various survey projects including subdivisions, partitions, public road improvements, construction staking, and property due diligence.  From 2008 to 2013, Brent was a full-time survey instructor at Umpqua Community College where he taught intro and advanced drafting, surveying, and legal description courses. As of March 2021, Brent is a junior partner of i.e. Engineering.                                Jeremy has worked for i.e. Engineering, Inc. since 2005 and has most recently worked as both a Survey Crew Chief and Construction Observer. The majority of this time has been spent in the field surveying on numerous construction projects and also providing a key link between construction activities and the Project Engineer and Design Team.                         

                  Brent Knapp, PLS                                                                          Jeremy Leonard                                                                  Nolan Fromdahl

                  Professional Land Surveyor                                                        Crew Chief / Construction Observer                                    Crew Chief


                  Ryan first joined i.e. Engineering, Inc. in 1996 and after several years with Romtec, Inc., came back to work for i.e. in October 2022 to assist in coordinating and supervising property survey and construction staking projects. His background includes experience in cadastral, corner searches and monumentation, traversing, boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, topographic surveys, construction staking and property as-built drawings. Mr. Palmer has experience in the use of both RTK and Static GPS Surveying methods and AutoCAD software.
                                                                                                                                 Ryan Palmer, LSIT                                                                               Jordan Ogden                                     Renden Heichel                                          Wyatt Keady

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